Oxfordshire School Inclusion Team (OXSIT)

Responsible for school improvement for vulnerable learners, predominantly in supporting SEN.

The Inclusion Consultants are responsible for school improvement for vulnerable learners, predominantly in supporting special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and Gifted and Talented (G&T) practices in school, working with senior leaders and SENCOs.


Information about OXSIT courses can be found in the OXSIT INSET Calendar (pdf format, 193Kb)

You can find more training dates on the EDAS page and the Primary Support Team page.

How the team makes a difference

  • Helping school leaders to be confident that self-evaluation is robust for pupils with disabilities and /or SEN including helping to prepare data on vulnerable groups
  • Preparation for OFSTED and whole school review of inclusion using our updated SEND Review for Supported Self Evaluation
  • Training, support and development of SENCOs, including brokering the support required.
  • Supporting new SENCOs with frequent and regular visits throughout their first year in post
  • Setting up effective systems and processes that focus on pupil progress
  • Setting up interventions and supporting the monitoring and evaluation of interventions through provision management.
  • Monitoring and effective deployment of teaching assistants and inclusive teaching and learning.
  • Improving confidence and skills in using Assessment for Learning approaches.
  • Teaching on the Brookes National Award for SENCOs and Literacy Difficulties Course
  • Sign posting SENCOs to the right support where issues are related to individual children or young people.
  • Supporting strategic developments, SEND practices and provision and work force development for teachers, teaching assistants, SENCOs and senior leaders.
  • Providing up to date information for schools on local and national developments.

The impact of the team

SENCOs are well trained and confident.  In particular new SENCOs who have completed the National Award with our support have become extremely confident and competent.  They are able to support their colleagues and are forging effective partnerships.  They have a clear focus on pupil progress and narrowing the gap.

Senior leaders have found our SEND review extremely helpful in establishing a baseline of current practice regarding vulnerable groups in their schools.  For example one school requested a review which then resulted in a complete restructure of SEND practices in the school.  Pupils with SEND have made more progress as a result and parents are much more confident in provision.

Developing provision management across the county has had a significant impact on the progress of pupils with SEND.  Interventions are now very focused and time limited.  SENCOs are seeking the team’s advice before purchasing resources to ensure they use interventions that work.

There are now a core number of SENCOs and teachers who have excellent awareness of literacy difficulties including an in depth knowledge of assessments throughout the county as a result of the Literacy Difficulties Course at Oxford Brookes University which is co taught by a member of the Inclusion Team.

Our recent focus on inclusive teaching and learning has resulted in improved classroom practice for SEND and AG&T. Several schools we have supported intensively have moved out of special measures recently with the progress of vulnerable groups and the inclusive practice being highly praised.


SNAST time can be purchased for the whole year in multiples of 0.05 fte (0.1fte is equivalent to 3.5 hours per week) 0.1fte = £5,211Pay as you go service Schools or partnerships of schools can also purchase less regular support from SNASTs. Schools will be charged for planned support at OCC QuEST rates i.e. £400per day or £200 per half day.

Special Needs Advisory Support Service (SNASTS)

Special Needs Advisory Support Teachers (SNASTs) support schools in carrying out their statutory duties related to SEN and Disability. They are a team of skilled teachers with the expertise to assess and provide strategies to enable all children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) to make good progress.

The SNAST service is a buy in service from QuEST. SNASTs are usually bought by the school for a whole year and they focus on individual pupils as well whole school developments.  All SNASTS have been SENCOs and many of them have additional qualifications, specifically in literacy difficulties.

SNASTS are part of the Inclusion Team and are lined managed by the Inclusion Consultants but they are directed by the Headteacher in the school that has employed them.  SNASTs receive regular training and mentoring from the Inclusion Team.

SNAST’s role

  • Working alongside school management teams to develop effective approaches to promote the highest expectations for all pupils.
  • Supporting the implementation of The Code of Practice including arrangements for regular reviews of Individual Education Plans (IEPs), and responsibilities for statutory assessments and statements.
  • Providing excellent support, advice and modelling of the most effective teaching and learning strategies to engage pupils with SEN and disabilities.
  • Keeping schools up to date with the latest guidance and practice supported by staff briefings and professional development for all staff.
  • Supporting home/school collaboration, liaising with external multi-agency services, and signposting relevant agencies.

The impact of SNASTs

  • Establishing systems and structures which support improved whole school leadership and classroom practice to secure good or outstanding Ofsted judgements.
  • Ensuring that schools meet their statutory duties regarding pupils with SEN and disabilities.
  • Maintaining high level skills in all staff but especially with regard to the role of the SENCO.
  • Improved progress, behaviour and attendance of vulnerable children.
  • Well trained teaching assistants impacting on whole class inclusion.
  • A wide range of effective interventions in place.
  • Signposting families to available support, including relevant parent support groups or early intervention services.

Further Information

For more information on the annual buy back scheme and benefits of the membership offer see the ESS website.

If your school is not a member you can still access courses, workshops and information to support your international curriculum work on a 'pay as you use' basis.

Part of Education Support Services

This service is part of Education Support Services (ESS) and may need to be purchased as part of a package. More details please read the Service Offer.