Online banking

How to request access, add or delete a user or reset a password.

Need visibility? Some accounts can be viewed on the online banking platform offered by Lloyds Bank. LloydsLink gives staff access to their account statements online but they cannot make payments via the system.

How to request LloydsLink Access

If you feel your school would benefit from access to online statements for your account, please request a new user on the form below. There is a cost associated with LloydsLink access.

It is the head teacher’s responsibility to ensure that access is restricted to only those staff that needs it to perform their duties.You must notify us as soon as a member of staff with LloydsLink access leaves the school by using the form below. The Corporate Banking Team will delete their user ID to restrict any unauthorised access to Oxfordshire County Council accounts.

If you would like to add a new user, terminate a user's access or reset a password, please use this form. New user requests must come from the headteacher. 

Adding a user, terminating a user and asking for a password to be reset

Details of user

Delete a user

Details of user

Reset a password