Integrated Business Centre Services

Services provided to maintained schools through our partnership with Hampshire County Council.

These services are provided to maintained schools through our partnership with Hampshire County Council and must be taken in conjunction with Education Finance and Personnel Services.

IBC HR Service

Pay and Contract Support Services provides schools with the tools and support for all pay and employment related administration including new starters, pay changes, absences and salary claims. The service is offered to school employees, headteachers, bursars, and school governors in respect of pay, statutory deductions, terms and conditions of employment, as well as the supporting employment policies and procedures.

We can help your school:

  • to pay staff in accordance with agreed pay scales, contractual terms and conditions
  • to ensure statutory deductions are made in accordance with legislation
  • to ensure that pension scheme and voluntary deductions are processed and ‘paid over’
  • to ensure all statutory returns are provided correctly and on time
  • with casework for maternity, paternity and adoption leave
  • with employee pay references for mortgages, and employment
  • confirming dates of service and earnings data
  • with administration of teachers' pension and local government pension schemes
  • with providing forms for schools to use to apply starters, leavers, claims and changes to employee records

Key benefits to the school

  • Access to Pay and Contract Support Services via email and telephone for schools and their employees for all pay related matters
  • Ensures compliance with statutory PAYE regulations as well as agreed pay and terms and conditions of employment
  • Assistance with the maintenance of employment records to meet requirements.

What does the service offer?

  • Access to pay and contract support services for schools and their employees concerning contractual and pay arrangements
  • Processes to assist maintenance of employment records and pay data
  • Administration of teachers’ pension elections
  • Pay appropriate monthly pension contributions to the Teachers' Pensions, LGPS and maintain records to support completion of necessary returns
  • Provide Schools with forms and tools to facilitate the processing of allowances, overtime, honoraria, casual claims, travel and expense claims
  • Implementing pay awards and calculating backdated pay where applicable
  • Providing full ‘end of year’ service as required by the HMRC
  • Compliance with statutory and administrative regulations affecting pay
  • Administration connected with the recovery of sums due to school following staff absence due to third party accidents
  • Maintaining employees’ income tax coding and National Insurance category
  • Paying salaries or wages direct to employees’ bank accounts
  • Respond to HMRC enquiries and other agencies as required e.g. other local authorities, banks, building societies and other government departments
  • Managing the collection of overpayments to employees
  • Run payroll and pay staff via BACS
  • Provide staff with online payslips
  • Check data quality
  • Pay statutory and occupational payments


IBC HR is based on occupied posts priced at £52.53 per occupied post.

IBC Finance Service

We offer schools an effective and efficient service for creditor payments, processing income, banking and managing cash. Our financial services are offered using the County Council’s SAP system.

What does the service offer?

  • Central payment of invoices and travel claims.
  • Payments via BACS or cheque.
  • Setting up standing orders and direct debits.
  • Central processing of utility bills and maintenance of a list of suppliers including Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) certificate details.


  • Processing of remittances received centrally or banked locally.
  • Maintenance of customer master data.

Key benefits to the school

  • Efficiencies generated by using a central system for creditor payments and income processing.
  • Access to centrally maintained master data for customers and suppliers.
  • Provided on a SAP platform integrating aspects of finance, HR and procurement.


IBC Finance £150 per school plus £1.85 per pupil