Implementing your school's energy management system

Support, finance and what to look out for.

Once you have written your policy, established an energy team, begun monitoring and written your action plan you are ready to begin implementing your policy.

Don't underestimate the impact people in the building can have on the total amount of energy used and the amount which is wasted. Look out for clocks on boiler controls which are set incorrectly, radiators blocked by bookcases and thermostats that are set too high.

What support is available?

Educational support

  • Eco Schools Assessments - If your school or academy is interested in becoming an Eco School, or obtaining an Energy Award, all the information you need including how to get started, the assessment criteria and how to book a Green Flag Assessment can be found here.
  • The Green Schools Programme is a fun, educational resource run by Groundwork South. To find out more about the programme and costs, visit the website.

Financial support

  • Salix energy efficiency loans. Any maintained schools interested in getting a loan for an energy efficiency project should contact the property helpdesk by emailing Academies should apply directly to Salix Finance Ltd for an interest-free loan for suitable energy efficiency projects. For further information or advice visit the website.
  • Billing enquiries - from maintained schools should be directed to the CES bureau:


The Environmental Information Exchange at Oxford Brookes University provide a range of energy advice and training aimed at schools.  To find out more, visit the website.

What next?

Regular communication is key if you wish to involve the whole school community. Assemblies, surveys and displays are all good ways of getting the energy saving message across.

Download our thermal image 'switch off' poster to help you communicate your message:

Have you considered renewables?

The Low Carbon Hub solar energy scheme installs solar PV in Oxfordshire schools for community benefit.  To find out more, visit