IBC enquiries

Changes and support for schools from July

We’re replacing our customer contact system over the summer, as part of wider improvements to the way we deal with customer enquiries. In preparation for the change, we’re managing down the volume of live cases in our current contact system. We’ve put the following steps in place to provide support and minimise the impact of the change:

From Tuesday 1 July

  • We’re working extended hours (7am – 7pm) to resolve as many of your enquiries as possible before the end of term.
    • Please raise any enquiries as soon as possible to help us to achieve this.
    • Please close any enquiries that you feel are resolved.
  • We’ve increased the number of outbound calls we make to speed up the resolution of your enquiries.
    • To help with this, please complete the ‘Contact phone number’ field on each enquiry form, ensuring it is a number you are happy to be contacted on out of our normal core hours (8:30am – 5pm).
    • If you prefer to be contacted within our normal core hours please provide your work telephone number.
  • If there is no activity on an enquiry for 14 days, it will auto-close. However, please raise a new enquiry if you feel it is unresolved. 

After Wednesday 26 July

  • We will aim to resolve any remaining open enquiries during the holidays. Please include all the necessary information within your enquiry to help us to do this.
  • If there is no activity on an enquiry for 14 days, it will auto-close. However, please raise a new enquiry if you feel it is unresolved.
  • We will provide a case reference number in our responses, for you to quote if you need to contact us about an enquiry.
  • The ‘My Enquiry’ form will be unavailable from 5pm - 9pm on Wednesday 23 August. After this time you will not be able to update any existing enquiries through ESS/Portal.  

From Thursday 24 August

  • You will be able to submit new enquiries in the normal way.
  • Before raising any new enquiries, you will need to enter a new ‘Correspondence email’ address in the ‘My Information’ tile on ESS Lite. This email address will auto-populate the ‘Your email’ field in the enquiry form – saving you from having to enter it each time. It will also ensure we have the correct email address for you.
  • Enquiries raised from 24 August will have a new set of statuses, giving you more information on the progress of your enquiry.
  • Any enquiries that were open at 5pm on 23 August will show as ‘Open – Read-only’ until they are resolved.  You will still be able to view these enquiries (but not edit them). Our teams will continue to work to resolve these enquiries.
  • Please phone the CIC If you wish to provide an update to a read-only enquiry.