Help with Self-service (IBC)

Arrangements for contacting IBC

Get instant support with your IBC enquiries

If you have an issue that you are struggling to solve using self-service and online guidance, it takes less than 20 seconds to get touch with Customer Support through webchat.

You can access webchat via the guidance pages in IBC and on the ‘contact us’ page. Click on the orange icon at the bottom right of the screen ‘need help chat now’ to start your webchat. 

Webchat is available 8.30am to 5pm, five days a week and there’s a video explaining how it works.

Keep up to date

Remember to keep up to date with your workflow in box in self-service and set up substitutes in case you’re away (search for ‘substitutions’ in IBC).

Useful contacts

What support do I need? Where do I go?
Instructions on how to complete an HR or finance transaction in Self-service and use the search bar to find what you’re looking for
DBS search for 'DBS' in IBC
Advertising jobs Education Personnel Services (EPS)
02380 383500
Professional HR Support
Help desk
Education Personnel Services (EPS)
02380 383500
Professional Finance Support
Help desk
Education Finance Services (EFS)
Please contact your finance support adviser

Staff needing extra/upgraded access to the new system

If you need upgraded access levels ask your head teacher/manager to request access via the IBC access request form.

They should search for ‘IBC Portal Access’ in IBC self-service, read the guidance then follow the link (on the guidance page) to: ‘IBC Security Access Form’.