Down's Syndrome and Complex Needs Team

The Down's Syndrome and Complex Needs Team is part of SENSS.

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What’s important to us (our values)

We work in partnership to secure good outcomes and a positive future for children and young people with Down's Syndrome and complex needs.

Our aim is that children and young people with Down's Syndrome and complex needs make good progress, achieve well and enjoy school, family and community life.

What we do

  • Support, advise and empower staff in schools and settings to understand the needs of children and young people with Down's Syndrome and complex needs.
  • Provide assessment and advice in relation to the child / young person’s Down's Syndrome and complex needs.
  • Ensure that the views, wishes, perspectives and experiences of the children and young people are fully reflected in their provision.
  • Support children and young people to develop a positive understanding of their own Down's Syndrome and complex needs.

Who we offer this service to

We work with children and young people with:

  • Down's Syndrome and complex needs from when they start nursery or reception at their local school.

SENSS staff work hard, in partnership with schools and families, to ensure that children with SEND are well supported. In doing this they are  entitled to respect. SENSS will not tolerate rudeness or any behaviour toward staff that undermines them and we request that staff are treated with respect  at all times. Thank you for your support in this.

How and when we do it

  • We are a service which is available during school term time.
  • We work primarily in schools.
  • The team comprises specialist advisory teachers.
  • We work closely with SENCOs, class teachers, teaching assistants and other support staff in schools.
  • We liaise closely with families and we work collaboratively with other agencies involved with the child.
  • We provide advice, support and interventions.
  • We offer a range of training from individual training around a child’s needs to whole school and area based specialist courses to support continuing professional development

Other details

Supporting people with:

  • Hearing impairment, Learning difficulty, Communication impairment
  • Referral required?
  • Yes
  • Referral and availability notes

Referrals can be made:


We respect the need for confidentiality and the responsible and informed sharing of personal information. If there are concerns regarding a child’s safety we would, having, where possible, initially identified our concerns with the parents/ carers, liaise with Social Care in accordance with Oxfordshire’s Safeguarding Children procedures.

Comments and Complaints

If you wish to make a comment, give a compliment or make a complaint about the service, please contact SENSS on 01865 323070 and ask to speak to a senior manager.

Or you can email the service at Alternatively use the council's main comments and complaints service