Bus discounts

Purchase discounted annual season tickets

Discounted annual season ticket for your bus travel

You can apply for an interest free travel loan to purchase your discount season ticket. You will first need to complete the bus loan application form (doc format, 57Kb) then read the terms and conditions on the back before sending the completed form to HR - Corporate Services.

Discounts are available on the following tickets

  • cityzone
  • cityzone Extra
  • cityzone & South Oxfordshire Zone
  • SmartZone
  • SmartZone & South Oxfordshire Zone
  • South Oxfordshire Zone
  • park&ride
  • Oxford - London Adult (X90)
  • cityzone (18-&-Under)

For information about the different tickets and the routes covered, please see the Oxford Bus Company KeyLink website.

When to apply

Your application form needs to be received by the second Friday of each month to guarantee it will be with you by the 1st of the following month:

  • Friday 12 April
  • Friday 10 May
  • Friday 14 June
  • Friday 12 July
  • Friday 9 August
  • Friday 13 September

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for the scheme?

If you have a permanent contract or a fixed term contract with more than 12 months remaining, you can purchase a ticket through the scheme. You must use the ticket on at least part of your journey to/from work on at least some days to be eligible for the scheme. The minimum you can spend to get a loan this way is £50.

Which bus operators take part in the scheme?

At the moment, the only operator is the Oxford Bus Company. However, some of their tickets allow for travel with other operators such as Stagecoach and Thames Travel.

When do I get my ticket?

Provided your application was received before the deadline, you should receive it by the 1st of the following month.

How long does it take to pay for my ticket?

Your 12 month ticket is deduced from your salary in 10 equal instalments, from the first pay date after you’ve received the ticket.

How much money will I save?

The discount is around 5 per cent, but differs depending on the ticket.

I have lost my ticket – how do I get a replacement?

You will need to contact the HR Advice Desk who will send you a replacement form. You must take the form into one of the two Oxford Bus Company Travel Shops. There is a £5 charge for lost of damaged card replacements.

I bought a ticket through the scheme and no longer want it – can I get a refund on the remainder of the ticket?

If you wish to cancel a ticket for refund, please contact the HR Advice Desk who will be able to advise you.

Refunds are calculated by going by the first date used till the last date used to find the balance used. The balance is then made up sing the best value products available and an admin charge of £5 is added. The difference becomes the refund.

For instance, a Smartzone Annual Card (worth £536.75 after discount) is requested for refund and the customer has used six months. The next smallest product is the SmartZone 13 week pass (worth £153). Two of these makes up the 26 weeks used and with an admin charge of £5, the balance used becomes £311. Against the £536.75 cost, this means the refund will be worth £225.75. So you are as well as from this as if you had purchased two 13 week passes in the first place, less the admin fee.

Who do I contact if my ticket hasn’t arrived within the specified time?

Please contact the HR Advice Desk in the first instance.

Can I renew my ticket automatically each year?

At the moment, you will not be able to do this automatically - you will need to fill in a new application form, and send it off as you did the first time you applied.

What happens when the bus company increases their fares - does this affect my repayments?

No, once your ticket has been ordered at a particular cost, your repayments will be based on the original cost when the ticket was bought. Your repayments would not be affected until you applied for a new ticket under the scheme, at which point you would be charged at the higher price.

However, if you apply before an increase, but your ticket is not ordered until after the price alteration, you will need to pay the new price - you will be asked for approval to pay at this higher price when your application is processed.

Further information

If you have any questions about these rail discounts, please contact HR Advice Desk.