Acting Headships

Guidance for the procedure to appointing Acting Headteachers.

The process is the responsibility of the Governors. It is intended that paperwork will be minimal and timescale short. 


The advert should be placed in the OCC online county vacancies. This will require a job description and selection criteria; a sample is provided which governors can use as written or adapt. The closing date should be 2 weeks from first advert and advert will remain online until the closing date.

The advert does not have to name the school but could give a general indication of location and size if governors prefer. If it is not named the governors will need to speak to applicants to give school name and some context when they invite them for interview.


Applicants fill in the usual form. In the covering letter they should be asked to complete the form only, not to provide any additional papers such as letter or CV. They should be asked to make a brief statement (two paragraphs) in the section on relevant skills and experience identifying why they are suitable for the post and also confirming that they have their Governors’ permission for a secondment.

The form should be returned to the Chair of Governors at the school.


If they are a Deputy, they should put their Headteacher and Chair of Governors as referees. If they are a Headteacher, they should put their Chair of Governors and the Director for Children, Education & Families. They should be told this when requesting an application form to avoid any confusion.

When the Governors decide to interview they should send the referees the amended reference request form. There is no need for an additional letter.


Interview can take place one week after the closing date.
The process should be relatively informal question and answer session to enable both parties to discover if they wish to go ahead with an arrangement. If there is more than one applicant governors will need to ensure equality and keep notes.

Example documents